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Smart ‘n’ clean

SAPOLAUNDRY on tap is a highly concentrated enzimatic liquid that replaces powdered detergents. It gives renewed brightness to all fabrics such as cotton, synthetics, linen and colours. This new generation liquid detergent is so highly concentrated all you need for the perfect wash is 1/3 of a regular dose. Active at low temperatures, fabrics and colours are protected and you help save energy and water.

Its special formula and balanced blend of enzymes make it particularly tough on a wide range of stains such as tannins (wine, fruit, etc.) and proteins (ice-cream, milk, etc.). It is especially powerful on grease and sludge stains. Also recommended for soaking.

Combined with SAPOOXITEXSAPOLAUNDRY is specially recommended for removing even the most persistent stains.

SAPOLAUNDRY is eco-friendly since it is chiefly composed of raw materials of vegetable origin.