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Ecological, perfect cleanness

SAPOOXITEX on tap is an innovative and professional additive that strengthens the washing action of your detergent. Combined with your usual liquid the recommended dosages increase stain removal, while its brightening action works in synergy with the surfactants in the liquid, boosting performance.

In contact with water and usual laundry liquids SAPOOXITEX develops a balanced use of oxygen aimed at brightening whites without damaging colours. It is ideal for terrycloth, towels, sheets, etc. as well as vegetable fibres (including cotton and linen) and guarantees a significant sanitising action especially in self-service, industrial or hospital laundries. The chemical damage of textile fibres after repeated washing is significantly reduced compared to other brighteners such as hypochlorite, etc. The wear and tear effect is reduced by half compared to hydrogen peroxide.

SAPOOXITEX on tap is fully biodegradable.